Oceania Regional UNITY Seminar

From 29 November to 1 December 2019, 18 students (kenshi) from New Zealand attended the Oceania Regional UNITY Seminar of Shorinji Kempo (a Japanese self defence) in Melbourne, Australia. From New Zealand there were 6 students from North Shore Branch, including Branch Master Darren Louie and assistant branch masters Stephen Reid and Rachel Louie, 1…Read More

Oceania Regional UNITY Seminar

Shorinji Kempo European Seminar in Stockholm, Sweden in July 2019

5 Kiwis represent New Zealand in Stockholm, Sweden at Shorinji Kempo European Seminar during July. With the northern Swedish summer providing early sunrises and late sunsets, 5 kiwis from the Japanese martial art group Shorinji Kempo New Zealand arrived in Stockholm, Sweden for the European Seminar from 5-8 July 2019. From Auckland there were 3…Read More

European Seminar in Stockholm, Sweden in July 2019

Japanese Students pass two gradings

JAPANESE STUDENTS PASS TWO GRADINGS WITHIN THEIR BROWN BELTS OF SHORINJI KEMPO WHILE STUDYING IN NZ North Shore Branch celebrated with two Japanese students on 28th March 2019.  Not only did they pass their grading to become 1st kyu (the grading preceding blackbelt), we also had an opportunity to say goodbye and thanks for a…Read More

Black belt awarded to Birkenhead college student

Jarrod Moreton is one of New Zealand’s youngest black belts in Shorinji Kempo. Under the guidance of Branch Master Darren Louie, seventeen year old Birkenhead College student Jarrod recently sat his black belt grading and successfully passed. To achieve this accomplishment Jarrod had to pass both written essays on philosophy and a physical exam which…Read More


International TAIKAI in San Francisco 2017

BE THE BRIDGE – 70TH ANNIVERSARY INTERNATIONAL TAIKAI FOR SHORINJI KEMPO IN SAN FRANCISCO 31 JULY – 3 AUGUST 2017   San Francisco was the host city for the International Taikai and study session held 31 July to 3 August 2017 for the Japanese martial art group Shorinji Kempo. Four kiwis travelled to the USA…Read More