Shorinji Kempo techniques have two characteristics. Techniques built around punches and kicks as defensive counterattacks are called “goho” (hard method), and for defensive counter attacks against grabs, for example to the wrist or clothing, escapes and attacks to the joint leading to take downs or throws are called “juho” (soft method).

Techniques of Shorinji Kempo are logically created on the basis of dynamics and physiology to allow anyone to protect him/herself regardless of physical strength or body size.

Training the mind and the body to keep a good balance between them, Shorinji Kempo helps the youth grow healthy.

The goal of daily practice is not competing against each other but learning from each other progressing together, which will be a life-long training for the young and seniors, men and women.


Goho (Hard Technique)


Juho (Soft Technique)