Lantern Festival 2015 – 3 women embu

Lantern Festival 2015 embu demonstration: Kanae, Kazuko and Rachel   Lantern Festival 28th Feb 2015. Kazuko Noichi, Rachel Louie, Kanae Atsumi Posted by Kanae Atsumi on Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Lantern Festival 2014

Over the weekend of the 14-16th of February this year the Auckland branches came together to perform demonstrations at the Annual Lantern Festival held in Auckland’s Albert Park. The weather and atmosphere was lovely and with a great turnout, the crowd rivaled previous years in size. Our demonstration team did a wonderful job this year…Read More

Lantern Festival 2013

Friday 21 and Saturday 22 February 2013 Shorinji Kempo was pleased to be involved in the Lantern Festival in February this year at Albert Park where thousands of visitors came to celebrate Chinese New Year and to see various acts and performances over the 3 day event.  As we were also committed to Japan Day…Read More