Father and son represent New Zealand in Japan

Lucas Carrascosa.  Lucas(youngest black belt in New Zealand for Shorinji Kempo) and his father Juan represented New Zealand in the first dan black belt embu competitions and came sixth.  It was an amazing experience for them with seven thousand people in the arena watching the event and the largest number of competitors being from within…Read More

New Zealand flag onto the stage

Twenty two countries were represented at the International Event and for the team it was a proud moment when Robert Burnett from East Auckland carried the New Zealand flag onto the stage.

Training at Asahi Doin in Osaka

It was another hot day in Japan. During the day we enjoyed sightseeing in Osaka area but there is no reason we wouldn’t train the same day. We visited Asahi Doin(branch) at night. Under the guidance of Sato sensei and Tai sensei we practiced our own techniques. After the formal training a pair of young…Read More

Training at Yotsuya Doin in Tokyo

Eight members left from Auckland together trained at Yotsuya doin in Tokyo, that is one of member Rachel’s old dojo.