Lantern Festival 2014

Over the weekend of the 14-16th of February this year the Auckland branches came together to perform demonstrations at the Annual Lantern Festival held in Auckland’s Albert Park.

The weather and atmosphere was lovely and with a great turnout, the crowd rivaled previous years in size.


Manuel and Sayaka

Our demonstration team did a wonderful job this year starting with an opening Embu performed by Sayaka and Manuel. It was a dynamic way to start the demonstration and really grabbed the audience’s attention.




Lucas and Juan

The rest of the demonstration consisted of group performances of technique mixed with Embu’s by Juan and Lucas, Sean and Rob, Kazuko and Kanae and finishing with an Embu by Steve and Take.


Rob and Sean

The feedback from the audience was excellent.


Kanae and Kazuko

During the demonstration we were lucky to have several Kenshi walking around passing out flyers. Thank you very much for your help guys.


Take and Steve

After the first evenings demonstration we all headed out for a meal with Juan finding a nice wee Japanese restaurant tucked down a side street.


Kanae’s single form

The following two evenings demonstrations went equally well with a few on the fly changes being required. Well done to Kanae who performed 3 sections back to back without a rest. Great effort!

Overall this year’s Lantern Festival demonstrations have been a resounding success. We hope to see you all at next year’s festival.