Japan Day 2013

Every year the Auckland Japanese society holds the event known as Japan Day. Japan Day is a chance for Aucklanders to experience a piece of Japanese culture and foods.
Shorinji Kempo took a stall at this event at the Auckland Show grounds where we did demonstrations on matts all day and we did a performance on the stage.

Our demonstration team was made up of Kenshi from all three Auckland branches, and it included “street scene” demonstrations, single form work, pair form and embu or choreographed demonstrations from a number of kenshi.  We had children from 10 years old through to adults in their late fifties demonstrating on stage and at our stall.

Japan Day is a great day out and a reminder from where the roots of this martial art began.  Doing demonstrations is a great way to build confidence for those training and a way to show the local community what Shorinji Kempo is all about.