Shorinji Kempo European Seminar in Stockholm, Sweden in July 2019

5 Kiwis represent New Zealand in Stockholm, Sweden at Shorinji Kempo European Seminar during July.

With the northern Swedish summer providing early sunrises and late sunsets, 5 kiwis from the Japanese martial art group Shorinji Kempo New Zealand arrived in Stockholm, Sweden for the European Seminar from 5-8 July 2019.

From Auckland there were 3 students from North Shore Branch, including Branch Master Darren Louie and assistant branch masters Stephen Reid and Rachel Louie, 1 Branch Master from West Auckland, Anthony Corin, and a student under West Auckland and currently living in Palmerston North, Bruce Gatward-Cook.

The Swedish Shorinji Kempo Federation hosted the 8th European Taikai and 2019 European Regional Study Session, 5-8th of July, 2019 in Stockholm, Sweden.  The event is recognized as a Shorinji Kempo UNITY Study Session which is important for all 5 New Zealanders attending the event for their next grading qualification.

It was a high profiled attended event, including Ms. Yuuki So, WSKO President, the Second-Generation of Shorinji Kempo Shike, who was the Honorary President of this event.

The official instructors for the European Regional UNITY Study Session were:
Sensei Aosaka Hiroshi, 9th Dan Daihanshi, Chief of the European WSKO Office, Taikai President.
Sensei Kawashima Kazuhiro, 8th Dan Seihanshi, WSKO Secretary-General.
Sensei Arai Shoji, 7th Dan Junhanshi, WSKO Deputy Secretary-General.
Sensei Matsumoto Yoshifumi, 7th Dan Seihanshi, WSKO instructor.

During the seminar students were separated into grades and were taught techniques related to each grade as well as new versions of the traditional techniques.  With 400 attendees from 20 countries it was a very rewarding seminar for all those from New Zealand.  Being a chance to meet people from different cultures and ethnicities, all learning the same self-defence and a great opportunity to learn more about the northern hemisphere, all students from NZ have come back with great new skills and experience to pass back to students in our not for profit clubs.  As the furthest travelling as well as proportionally the strongest number of students from a far away country, New Zealand got a special mention at the official dinner for the event.